Jakarta Autism Homeschooling

Jun - 02

Jakarta Autism Homeschooling

Jakarta Autism Homeschooling

Less bullying and peer pressure. We can’t keep your kids away from all bullying since it happens in all places, not just school. But homeschooling drastically reduces the amount of peer pressure and bullying your child will experience. You can also walk him through interactions at the playground, for example, to help him learn when to stand up for himself and when to let things go.

While this is really a homeschooling benefit for all children, it is especially welcome for children with autism.  For some children with autism, the inability to keep up with the pace of a classroom or to get too far ahead can become a trigger for anxiety or unwanted behaviors.

Reasons to Consider Homeschooling an Autistic Child

Special education classrooms are not always the best environment for children with autism. The typical class consists of children with a variety of disabilities who function at differing levels. Other things to consider are :

1.Bullying in schools
Children with autism may be susceptible to bullying due to their quirks and odd characteristics. This can have a detrimental effect on your child’s self-esteem and affect his academic progress.

2.Divided attention
Children with autism tend to thrive with individual attention, which can be difficult to achieve in larger classrooms.

3.Self stimulatory behaviors
Stereotyped repetitive movements (stims) can be distracting for the rest of the class. There is a lot of sensory input in a classroom. Decorations, noises and even florescent lights can lead to sensory overload.

4.General teaching strategies
There is no single teaching approach that works for all children with autism, but a teacher might use the same methods for the entire class.

5.Difficulty with transitions
The typical school day has many transitions that can be frustrating for a student with autism.

6.Difficulty tolerating change
Students on the autism spectrum may have difficulty tolerating changes in routine. Unexpected events, specials and substitute teachers can be sources of great distress.

Any homeschooled child benefits from a customized curriculum that works with individual strengths and weaknesses. For a child with autism, the custom design of a homeschool program can meet developmental needs while incorporating therapy into the learning day.